Jan 22, 2024

SK Signet celebrates grand opening of electric vehicle charger manufacturing plant in Plano

SK Signet celebrated its grand opening at 4101 East Plano Parkway.

Plano is now at the epicenter of a revolutionary electric vehicle technology.

Officials from SK Signet, the city of Plano, the state of Texas and the Republic of Korea met at 4101 East Plano Parkway to celebrate the opening of SK Signet's first electric charging manufacturing plant outside of South Korea.

"Opening our plant in Plano will allow SK Signet to continue to contribute even more to America's transportation, as well as the United States economy," SK Signet CEO Jung-ho Shin said. "In 2022, EV sales hit record numbers, and experts say EVs could account for half of our new car sales by 2030. As consumer demands grow, customers want EV chargers to become faster and more widely available. The number of EV chargers will need to quadruple by 2025. SK Signet is here to fill that gap."

SK Signet's plant can produce over 10,000 American-made chargers per year, and the chargers made in Plano will be ultrafast chargers, charging in a fraction of the time it takes for normal chargers. On top of that, SK Signet will bring over 180 advanced manufacturing jobs in a high growth industry, Shin said.

Mayor John Muns tests the charger in an electric truck. CEO Jung-ho Shin said the charger slows as the car batter reaches 50%.

CEO Jung-ho Shin said he plans to build partnerships throughout the United States to help the nation transition to cleaner energy.

In addition to manufacturing EV chargers, SK Signet's Texas facility will house research and development teams, manufacture power modules for EV chargers and conduct charger testing with automakers. It also will develop EV charging software and firmware to support U.S. customers.

SK Signet is a top global manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) chargers for both consumer and commercial vehicles, and is a leader in fast and ultra-fast charging, boasting the first UL-certified ultra-fast charger (350 kW) in the U.S.

"Looking ahead, I'm looking for an even higher level of partnership in Texas and throughout the United States," Shin said.

SK Signet is Korea's second largest conglomerate, according to a statement from the company.

"The city of Plano is thrilled to be selected for the establishment of SK Signet's manufacturing facility right here in our community," Plano Mayor John Muns said. "It represents a significant investment and creation of highly skilled jobs in our region, but we're excited for the company's vision to electrify our community in the state of Texas and in the United States."

SK Signet's innovative technological solutions will create a path forward in the growth of EV charging infrastructure, bringing an increased flexibility and convenience, making it possible for consumers to feel more comfortable, Muns added.

"I'm so impressed by the company and its ultrafast charging stations, as well as the positive impact it will have," Muns said.

According to SK Signet's head of U.S. corporate and government affairs, J.J. (Jeong Joon) Yu, the company aims to reinvest in the community.

"SK is no stranger to Texas," Yu said. "For over two decades, we have been investing in the oil energy sector with billions of dollars in oil and gas investment. I myself 10 years ago made a $15 million contract for liquified natural gas to be shipped from Texas to South Korea. Our new investment across the U.S. is focusing now in clean energy, including important technology infrastructure to transition to electric vehicles."

Seung-June (SJ) Oh, president of SK Signet America said the chargers show colorfully lit "hats" to help make them easier to find for drivers who need to charge.

J.J. Yu, SK Signet's head of U.S. corporate and government affairs, said the company aims to bring more high paying jobs to the community.

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Winston Henvey is the reporter for the Mesquite News, Allen American and Plano Star Courier. Email him with story suggestions at [email protected].

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