Nov 02, 2023

Novtech G40 LED outdoor string lights review

REVIEW – I finally relented to my wife this summer and set up our gazebo tent in the backyard. I debated about which lights to get. The Novtech G40 LED Outdoor String Lights offer came along, so that was problem solved!

The Novtech G40 LED Outdoor String Lights is a 58ft IP65 waterproof decorative light string.

The Novtech G40 LED Outdoor String Lights arrived with each bulb nicely cradled in the box. The bulbs and wiring were easy to remove from the container while hanging the lights.

Each bulb has a clip, which would be great for attaching to just about anything. There are five LEDs inside each bulb that are rated for 15,000 hours. The clear glass bulb and IP65 rating make them perfect for outdoor entertaining spaces.

Before installing, I briefly plugged in the Novtech G40 LED Outdoor String Lights to make sure all of the bulbs worked, and they did. The power supply is IP44 waterproof rated, so you can be assured that they are safe and reliable.

I installed them in my Eddie Bauer gazebo tent. The 58ft length was enough to go all the way around and up to the peak, which was exactly what I was hoping. I left each side drooping so the lights would also be easier to see from the outside.

The 1700K color temperature is on the warm side of the spectrum. It produces a pleasing warm light close to the color of a candle flame.

The 50 LED bulbs are spaced 12 inches apart, with the first bulb at 10 feet from the plug. The long lead length makes it so that my extension cord plug is at ground level, which I prefer.

The Novtech G40 LED Outdoor String Lights have really put the final touch on our temporary outdoor summer space. The lights look great and provide just the right amount of light.

Price: $62.99Where to buy: Amazon (Save 10% with coupon code: Q16ZQXXQ expires: 07-20-2023)Source: The sample of this product was provided by Novtech.

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