Mar 15, 2023

Live updates: Apple unveils new products at WWDC 2023 event

By Samantha Kelly, Clare Duffy, Catherine Thorbecke and Aditi Sangal, CNN

Apple's new mixed reality headset looks a little different up close: It features a wire connecting to a battery pack.

From CNN's Catherine Thorbecke

Shares of Unity, a popular apps and games company, are enjoying the Apple effect.

Unity's stock climbed more than 17% on Monday after the announcement that the apps and games on its platform will gain full access to VisionOS features.

"We know there is a community of developers who have been building incredible 3D apps for years," Apple's Susan Prescott said at the event Monday," adding that "Unity-based games and apps can gain full access to VisionOS features such as Passthrough, high-resolution rendering and native gestures."

Apple's stock, meanwhile, closed 0.76% lower.

Apple shares climbed to a record intra-day level but fell short of closing at an all-time high on Monday after the company unveiled a new headset at its annual developer event.

Shares of the iPhone maker closed down 0.76% at $179.58 on Monday after climbing to $184.95 at its high. The stock was on track to end the trading session above its record close of $182.01 in January 2022.

Still, Apple stock is up 38% for the year.

Meanwhile, shares of Unity Software climbed 17.2% after Apple said that its working with the company for its Vision Pro release

From CNN's Aditi Sangal

Vision Pro, Apple's new VR/AR headset, will work with a slate of apps that the company mentioned Monday.

A large number of iPad and iPhone apps will be available on Vision Pro at launch, Apple said. For example: Users could fire up Adobe Lightroom and edit photos using just their eyes and hands.

Apple's own Reality Composer Pro is a new app that makes it easy to assemble complex scenes with realistic objects.

Several popular apps and games from the platform Unity will gain full access to VisionOS features, as will productivity apps Microsoft Word, Excel and Teams along with Zoom and Webex by Cisco.

More apps will surely come, as developers can use tools like Swift UI, Reality Kit and others to build new apps for Vision Pro.

Vision Pro will have a brand new app store to download those apps specifically built for VisionOS, as well as compatible iPad and iPhone apps.

From CNN's David Goldman

If you're interested in Apple's vision of the future, it'll set you back. A lot.

Apple's new Vision Pro AR/VR headset will cost $3,499. That's more than twice the cost of the most maxed-out iPhone 14 Pro. It even costs more than Apple's biggest MacBook Pro.

By contrast, its closest competitor, the Meta Quest Pro, costs $999.

Apple said the Vision Pro will go on sale early next year, after developers have time to build apps that work with the system.

From CNN's Clare Duffy

Apple wrapped up its WWDC presentation after introducing the Vision Pro mixed reality headset, the company's most significant hardware innovation in years.

The headset, expected to be for sale early next year for $3,499, will give users the chance to connect to apps from Apple and others in an entirely new way.

Among its hardware announcements, Apple also announced updates to MacBook Air and Mac Pro.

The company also introduced software updates for iPhone, Mac, iPad, AirPods and Watch, including new health, video conferencing and privacy features.

From CNN's Clare Duffy

Here's a rundown of what the new products announced at Apple's WWDC will cost:

From CNN's Clare Duffy

Disney CEO Bob Iger joined Apple's WWDC to discuss how Disney will create content for the new Vision Pro headset.

"We're constantly in search of new ways to engage, inform and inspire our fans," Iger said, calling the Vision Pro a "revolutionary technology."

Apple teased new Disney, National Geographic, Marvel and ESPN experiences in the new headset. Iger said that Disney+ will be available on the headset at launch.

From CNN's Samantha Kelly

The company showed off a new mixed reality headset called Apple Vision Pro, in what promises to be its biggest and riskiest new hardware launch in years.

It will cost $3,499.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the device, which blends virtual reality and augmented reality, is "the first product you look through, not at."

Augmented reality is a technology that allows users to overlay virtual images on live video of the real world.

"It looks familiar but it's entirely new ... just like it's in your physical space, using natural intuitive tools like your hands, face and voice," he said.

According to Apple, once a user puts on the device, they're able to see apps directly projected in front of them. The interface is designed to look "truly present" in your room, responding to light and casting shadows to help users understand scale and distance.

"It's easy to make apps any scale .. anywhere in your space that feels natural," an Apple executive said at the event. "It's just you and your content ... it feels like magic."

The device responds to a users' hands and eyes "as if your mind if guiding the experience." But it even works if hands are in a lap.

Vision Pro, which features a custom R1 processor, will run on VisionOS, allowing developers to reimagine existing apps or create new experiences and worlds for the device. Users can

Apple said it previewed Vision Pro to a subset of developers ahead of the event -- some of whom created experiences ranging from virtually seeing how the human heart works to support for Microsoft Office. Users can unlock the Vision Pro with their iris via Optic ID (think FaceID for the eyes).

The company said it filed 5,000 patents during the development of the device.

15-inch MacBook Air: $1,299 13-inch MacBook Air: Mac Pro with M2: Vision Pro: