Jul 25, 2023

Best iPhone Car Chargers in 2023

Top up your iPhone battery on the road with these great car chargers.

If there's one universal truth in life it may be this: you'll always need a phone charger when you least expect it. Even though we remarked in our iPhone 14 Pro review that the battery life on the Apple handset is pretty great, all phones need to juice up from time to time. Be prepared for your next road trip or simply your daily commute by getting a car charger. There are a plethora of USB chargers that plug into your car's auxiliary power outlet (or cigarette lighter, if you're old like me) that can help you top up your iPhone in the car, and I've used quite a few of them over years; here are the best iPhone car chargers you can get right now.

Anker's 521 Car Charger features two ports—one USB-C with 20W output and one USB-A with a 12W output— so you can charge two phones simultaneously. The USB-C port is powerful enough to fast charge an iPhone, meaning you can top up your battery percentage even on short trips.

Charging your phone wirelessly causes a lot of heat, but fortunately, the ESR HaloLock Car Charger comes with a fan to keep your phone cool while charging up. Plus, it's MagSafe compatible, so you can just stick your iPhone right onto the air vent mount with no problem. Unfortunately, the ESR HaloLock Car Charger isn't an all-in-one solution as it doesn't come with its own power adapter, meaning you'll need one that plugs into your car's power outlet.

While this Amazon Basics car charger may not be the fastest (with only 12W output), it comes with an attached Lightning cable, meaning you don't need a separate cable. On top of that, the cable is coiled and pretty thick meaning it should be much easier to keep untangled and be less prone to wear and tear.

If you want more juice in a car charger, the Belkin 37 Watt Dual Car Charger's USB-C port can output 25W of power—more than you need to fast charge an iPhone. And, if you want to charge something else at the same time, you can use the USB-A port with the 12W port.

With an included Lightning cable that can output 27W of power, you can not only charge up your iPhone as quickly as possible but even get a decent charging speed on an iPad. This Spigen adapter offers a 20W USB-C port, so you and your passenger can top up your phone batteries.

A fair amount of charging power at a really nice price, the AINOPE 54W USB-C Car Charger has a 36W USB-C port and an 18W USB-A port, meaning regardless of what port you use, you'll be charging fairly quickly. Plus, it comes in many fun colors, so you can likely find one that matches your style or your vehicle's interior.

Need a car charger for more than one vehicle? Try out this two-pack of LISEN chargers. Each one has two ports—one USB-C and one USB-A— that have quite a bit of power, 30W and 18W, respectively.

Why settle for just a car charger when you can also have a car mount? The iOttie Auto Sense is a fantastic iPhone car mount that has a telescopic arm and can be affixed to your dash or your windshield, allowing you to keep your iPhone in view and out of your hands at all times. It has a Qi wireless charger inside, meaning when you pop your iPhone in, you can charge it up.

Having a car charger in your vehicle can really get you out of a bind if your phone is running low on juice, and ensure you can use your iPhone how you need during driving. You don't ever have to worry about not using the best CarPlay apps for iPhone because your battery ran out.

Charging while you drive may seem inefficient, as you might have a pretty powerful charger at home, but you'd be surprised at what these little chargers can do; that's why we highly suggest the Anker 521.

Anker makes great power accessories for iPhones (it has for years), and the 521 car charger offers you both a USB-C and USB-A port, making it perfect for charging more than one phone. Plus, the USB-C port is powerful enough to fast charge your iPhone 12 or later, so you'll be able to get the most battery life you possibly car for the length of your trip.

The ESR HaloLock Car Charger with CryoBoost doesn't come with an adapter, and while that isn't the most convenient, it is a really great air vent mount and MagSafe wireless charging pad. The cooling feature is really helpful to ensure your iPhone is charging efficiently and safely.

Lastly, if you just need something to keep your iPhone afloat while you're driving, and you don't really care about charging speed, the Amazon Basics Car Charger with Lightning Cable is super affordable and saves you the hassle of having to carry around a cable.

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