Mar 29, 2023

20 Questions with Nipper (feat. Deb Cavanaugh)

Nipper's thoughts on normal band interviews: too many big words, long-winded answers, and not enough dog references. So, he decided to come up with his own interview format featuring 20 very important questions. It took a little honing – we can't ask musicians "what's your favorite carpet to drag your butt along?", sorry buddy – but we ended up with a sure-fire way to help properly identify the true humans behind their music. Finally, an interview for dogs and humans alike to enjoy.

This week, Nipper caught up with Deb Cavanaugh, the prolific roots and folk artist residing in the Taconic Mountains. What intrigued the Capital Region's Goodest Pup the most about Deb was her performing on an instrument he’d never seen before: the mountain dulcimer. Although Deb wouldn't let Nipper play her dulcimer with his dirty paws – who could blame her? – she did thankfully let him ask her his 20 questions.

1. Describe your band or music… in 5 words or less, I’ve got stuff to chew. Psychedelic Folk

2. What is your pre-show ritual? Shake all over to get rid of my jitters.

3. Best venue bathroom? The woods

4. Favorite type of nut? Cashew unless it's nut butter, then almond.

5. Favorite app on your phone? Rhymezone

6. Shorts on stage: yay or nay? Nay

7. Which came first, the music or the misery? Both simultaneously, the music helped me survive the misery.

8. Greatest lyric that's ever been written? "Imagine there's no countries; it isn't hard to do;Nothing to live or die for and no religion, too."

9. First concert you ever played? When I was 15, I sang in a choir that was directed by Duke Ellington singing his Sacred Music compositions.

10. How many voice memos do you have on your phone? 100s, I notate my music and memoirs on my phone.

11. Name something you wish was in your fridge or pantry right now but isn't. Chocolate chip cookies.

12. In our hypothetical game of fetch, what will you throw me? A bone

13. Books or Movies? Ugh, too hard to choose.

14. Is a hot dog a sandwich? Definitely not!

15. The last thing you purchased on Amazon? LED solar string lights

16. The last thing you watched on Netflix? The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

17. Tomato: fruit or vegetable? Definitely a fruit.

18. If you could write a dissertation on any topic, what would it be? The importance of using music as a parenting tool.

19. Bestest dog breed? Labs

20. Do you own any NFTs, and if so, would you like to invest in my app that tracks the locationsof squirrels? No NFTs.

Deb Cavanaugh is one of many talented artists performing at Nipperfest 2023, happening July 22nd in Schenectady's Central Park. You can keep up with Deb at her website.